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STM32 Flash loader demonstrator

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STM32 Flash loader demonstrator

The STM32 Flash loader demonstrator (FLASHER-STM32) is a free software PC utility from STMicroelectronics, which runs on Microsoft® OSs and communicates through the RS232 with the STM32 system memory bootloader. To get an example of how to execute the device bootloader, refer to the STM32 microcontroller system memory boot mode Application note (AN2606). To get information about the USART protocol used in the STM32 bootloader, refer to the USART protocol used in the STM32 bootloader Application note (AN3155).

This software utility contains also a command line version and it is provided with Microsoft®Visual Studio 12 source code.

  • All features

    • UART system memory bootloader 
    • Flash programming utility with RS232 
    • It runs on Microsoft®Windows®OSs


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